‘Does It Matter?’


I’ve been wanting to post since last week. But i never got round to write anything because I had nothing to write about =D

By chance, I watched a 2001 movie called ‘On The Line’ a few days ago. The story line is quite sweet. In my opinion, it strikes just the right balance between humor and romance.

I looked up the lead guy; Lance Bass. Apparently he was from a band called NSYNC, whose songs were also in the movie. I liked those few songs in the movie so I ended up downloading their songs.

My knowledge of music is not top notch, so in all honesty, I only just realized, they’re the band whose songs i have enjoyed on radio s over the years. My list of favorite bands during my golden era is growing. Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Blue and now NSYNC. I wrote this post while listening to them chorus ‘Does It Matter?’  Guess they’re going to stay on my play list for a while now ^_^


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